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Updated: Dec 8, 2018

SAN JOSE, BATANGAS – A technological revolution labelled as “Egg Innovation” aimed for a well-balanced and sustainable eggcosystem highlighted the World Egg Day Celebration at San Jose, Batangas, Oct. 13.

San Jose, Batangas, known as the Egg Basket of the Philippines, is serious in preserving a holistically progressive egg industry in the country. As it contributes a significant percentage in the country’s supply of poultry products, the municipality remains aggressive in establishing a balanced eggcosystem where assurance of an environmental upkeep exists while egg industry boils up mostly. Prime movers in this undertaking are the Eggciting Products Manufacturing and the Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative (BEPCO) which are both assisted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Agriculture (DA) CALABARZON.

Eggciting Products Manufacturing, in the persona of Mr. Kerwin Perez is first in the world to revolutionize centuries-old method of salted egg making. His invention he coined as Rapid Hygienic Curing Facility for Salted Egg Manufacturing has marked a big leap in the egg industry as it makes possible production of salted eggs in just 3-7 days. With his invented technology through the SETUP assistance of DOST CALABARZON, he was able to process chicken eggs into salted eggs in a small period of time compared to the traditional process which usually consumes duck eggs which requires further 30 days of processing using clay.

Meanwhile, the ready-to-eat roasted eggs of BEPCO was another egg innovation introduced during the celebration. The cooperative considers roasted eggs as a good snack food source of high quality protein. Moreover, they intend to encourage more people to eat egg daily. Based on the result of the shelf-life analysis, the product can last up to six months.

A commitment signing for the Public-Private-Community partnership project dubbed as “Egg Innovation Towards Sustainability” was also conducted during the celebration. Regional Director, Alexander Madrigal of the DOST CALABARZON, Regional Executive Director, Arnel De Mesa of the DA CALABARZON, the Provincial Government of Batangas, the Local Government of San Jose, Mr. Kerwin Perez and BEPCO partook the said commitment signing.

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