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BEPCO's World Egg Day Celebration 2018

World Egg Day (WED) celebration is an annual multinational event that promotes the importance of consumption of eggs and highlights the developments and innovations in the production, preparation, and utilization of eggs and egg products. In the Philippines, Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative (BEPCO) hosted WED 2018 in a celebration themed “Transforming Aspirations to Actions” last October 12, 2018 in San Jose, Batangas - the Egg Capital of the Philippines.

BEPCO highlighted the current status of the agribusiness industry during the WED 2018 celebration wherein the framework of closed loop poultry farming was presented. This venture focused on developing ways to improve poultry farming and the egg ecosystem without neglecting the environment through the holistic management of both resources and wastes in each step of the process (i.e. from the production of feed inputs to the utilization of eggs per se or as raw materials). In relation to this, a proactive program named “One Tree for Every Hen” was initiated by BEPCO and a ceremonial signing of the commitment wall for the project was conducted. The tree-planting program, which started the day after WED 2018, aimed to help in minimizing the negative effects implied by the large amount of wastes produced by the massive population of layer chickens in the locality.

BEPCO recognizes that closed loop poultry farming program will not push through and succeed without the cooperation of vital private and public institutions and communities. BEPCO continuously puts its best efforts in tapping stakeholders in the agribusiness community to be partners in achieving a sustainable agribusiness industry. Through WED 2018, representatives from different public (DA-BAI, DA-BAR, DOST-ITDD, DOST-TAPI, DOST-Batangas, PCAF, DTI-EDC, DTI-Batangas, PCLEDO, DepEd-Batangas, BSU, UPD, Landbank, LGUs, etc.) and private organizations (ZDMC Grains, Inc., Jamina Organic Products, and Sustansiinduwere invited to give their messages and provide possible solutions to current difficulties in the agriculture sector that their respective groups could extend.

As a cooperative committed in uplifting and modernizing egg products, BEPCO showcased its innovative egg products during WED 2018 celebration. Pasteurized liquid eggs, roasted eggs and egg-protein drinks were displayed and made available in the eggsperiential booth. Egg tofu soup and egg protein pops were distributed to the visitors during the program. In addition, the advancements in utilization of eggs and egg shells as raw materials in non-food products like fertilizer and soap were also presented by BEPCO.

World Egg Day 2018 successfully bridged the stakeholders from different sectors to start planning towards building a sustainable egg ecosystem. The event has inflicted awareness that all members of the community should work together actively to turn the aspired development in the poultry industry into reality.

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Paolo Endrinal Tesico
Paolo Endrinal Tesico
14 nov. 2018

Congratulations BEPCO!

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